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Since 1938, a history of start-ups and growth ventures with a strong focus on market needs and technology improvements.

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mid-market 120-2'000 people, 60-400 million investment CPG/FMCG manufacturing, fintech & banking, B2B2C services and products Details
What we do

Multidisciplinary Business & Technology Solutions

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    Start-up and growth ventures

    Designing, empowering, improving start-ups and growth ventures in CPG, FMCG, fintech, B2B2C services.

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    Process mapping and optimization

    Proven ways to plan, manage, and optimize all kinds of business and operational processes.

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    Construction management and supervision

    Strategy Implementation CPG & FMCG, Plant Construction & Commissioning, Manufacturing Operations.

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    Software Engineering and management

    SaaS in the fintech & banking industry, multi-channel marketing, data analytics, IT risks & cybersecurity.

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    B2B, B2C, B2B2C Professional Services

    Major-scale project management, crisis management & turnaround, turnkey outsourcing, and more.

What we do

Our Selected Projects

  • Business & Strategic Advisory – Triple’A WealthSuite solution

    Business & Strategic Advisory – Triple’A WealthSuite solution

    Switzerland & North-America Remote Details
  • SaaS Software Engineering & DevOps Management

    SaaS Software Engineering & DevOps Management

    Switzerland-based firms, Remote Worldwide Details
  • Turnaround & Operational Restructuring CPG processing

    Turnaround & Operational Restructuring | CPG processing

    Switzerland-based firm & South-America plants Details
  • Reconstruction of Old Factory Building & Manufacturing Operations

    Reconstruction of Old FMCG Factory Building & Manufacturing Operations Improvement

    France & Romania Details
Where we work

Our Projects
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Our largest current construction projects include businesses active with the CPG/FMCG manufacturing, fintech & banking, professionnal B2B2C services and products.

Since 1938, our businesses have been involved with large-scale, challenging and prestigious projects around the world.


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Why Choose Us

Designing Business & Technology Solutions

  • Pragmatic strategy implementation
  • Operational performance and excellence
  • Following-up interesting trends

Multi-level Projects Design & Implementation

Delivering proposition-based & strategic outcomes focused on realistic solutions & services.

Business Value, Convenience, and Functionality

Technology enablement to convert opportunities across challenging business landscape.

Experience Allows Us to Implement New Ideas & Trends

Leading execution activities with balance between technical content and commercial acumen.

Impactful Business Srategies & Technologies

A mindset of digital strategy, program delivery excellence, technical & business acumen.

Long-term & Viable Business Development

Working in areas of strategy consulting, digital, automation & business process services.

Truth in Strategy Implementations

Our 360° Multidisciplinary Teams are delivering best possible results


Debbaut.Solutions: 360° multidisciplinary teams managing business
opportunities through the consulting process & implementations.

  • Leading delivery across business strategy & process design.
  • Lets your business shine with technology support.
  • Make operational excellence your obedient servant.
  • Better navigate crisis management and contingency planning.
Long-term view of strategy and daily quick-wins in operations are both important.
Elena Debbaut
Elena Debbaut Operating Partner
Building Business Srategy & Operations

New ways to embrace change and grow

Operational excellence during crisis management programmes means applying a strategic approach to advance viable business & operating models.

Debbaut.Solutions is helping business organizations change strategic trajectories through global interventions in operational performance, people, technology. Using proven tools and technologies, our 360° multidisciplinary teams enabling real results and sustained medium & long-term changes.

Business transformation is the new normal. The ability to execute is something most business and consulting organizations are lacking. Debbaut.Solutions is offering services such as the strategic transformation, technology enablement and transformation, operational excellence improvement.

Our special units in crisis management can deliver results in complex strategic and operations restructuring, as well as turnarounds situations.

Typically, our teams cover the following business regions: Switzerland, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), and Europe, including East-European region with remote interventions and high-level outsourcing in India and North Africa. With +24 senior practitioners in FMCG & CPG industry, technology and processes, and the advanced analytics capabilities, Debbaut.Solutions can transform your business.

Understanding The Future

Latest Insights from our Blogs

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  • Blog Posts Impact of Technology on Business Operations

    Impact of Technology on Business Operations

    Technology increases operational excellence and ROI in all business operations by improving general strategy, product development, processes, sales, and profit.

  • Strategic Recovery – Applications for the Future

    Strategic Recovery – Applications for the Future

    Strategic recovery and capturingthe market demand by future proof the business as a whole. Strategies need to grow and evolve to address new market threats.

  • Build Bridges to Better ROI Operations and Skills

    Build Bridges to Better ROI Operations and Skills

    Operations and skills with rising costs should be considered for outsourcing. This nearshore or offshore operational strategy is leading to increased ROI productivity and better outputs.


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